Welcome to Take Care Cape Cod

We have always thought of Cape Cod as a refuge. But, a fragile one. One that needs our care. We hope that this cherished place can be enjoyed by countless generations to come.

Let this short video tell you about us.

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"Think Like It's 1620"

Now, let us introduce our "partners" in caring for the Cape.

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Litter_One_Mans_Trash CC.jpg
Litter_Cigs_Butt_Stinking CC.jpg
Stormwater_Runoff CC.jpg
Cape Cod_Tap_DTT.jpg


As you enjoy your time on Cape Cod, take a look around and notice not only our beautiful environment, but also the signs and reminders from Take Care Cape Cod. Notice the businesses who support TCCC and the posters, flyers and stickers that are all over the Cape, reminding us to Take Care of Cape Cod!


Point them out to your family and friends, and share and like the messages on social media. It’s a collaborative effort, and when we all work together, we all win and get to enjoy beautiful Cape Cod for generations to come.


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