Take Action.

At a young age we are taught to take care of the things we love. The same thing goes for the places we love. With just a little more effort, we can all help take care of our extraordinary natural treasure.


How can individuals help?

  • If we all make small changes in our everyday lives, imagine the impact! And sense of satisfaction! 

  • Spread the word! Share our campaign to your social networks: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

  • While you are enjoying Cape Cod, and you see Take Care Cape Cod signs, point them out to your friends.

  • Volunteer.  Keep an eye on our Events & Volunteering page.

How can businesses and organizations help?

  • Request the Take Care™ toolkit and display the materials anywhere that might have an impact.

  • Become a sponsor.

  • During a lunch break walk with your co-workers, do a quick litter clean up. Get some fresh air & help keep our Cape clean.

Ways to take care
Litter_One_Mans_Trash CC.jpg


Cape Cod_Tap_DTT.jpg

Single-use plastics

Litter_Cigs_Butt_Stinking CC.jpg

Cigarette butts

Pets_Your_Doody CC.jpg

Dog waste

Stormwater_Runoff CC.jpg

Nitrogen runoff


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