First Take Care Cape Cod Day - July 5, 2019!

To celebrate our new mission to take care of Cape Cod every day, we sponsored our first Take Care Cape Cod Day on July 5. 

Our goal: pick up as much trash on our beaches, neighborhoods, parks as we can and thereby show the power of group action to care for Cape Cod. 

Let's get as many of us as possible to spend 5 minutes or 5 hours and pick up 5 pieces or 500 or anything in between. Bring friends, go it alone, or make a date of it!

And celebrate by sharing what you have collected one or both of the following ways:

  1. Simply hashtag your photos #TakeCareCapeCod on Facebook or Instagram

  2. Enter what you collected into Ocean Conservancy's "Clean Swell" app (free at the app store). Learn how to do this. For this initial burst, please post your results by July 7, so we can roll up and share our grand totals!


We will tally the day's trash booty and shout it far and wide on our social channels.


Have fun! Take Care of Cape Cod!


Let’s pick up a ton! Thanks for caring.


Attention Competitive Souls!


To put some competitive spirit into your Take Care Cape Cod Day clean ups, let's make this interesting for three lucky participants...

Guess how many pounds of trash we will all pick up in total on Take Care Cape Cod Day, July 5. The person coming the closest will win a pin. (Tip: the Clean Swell app measures trash in lbs with two decimal points, so our total will be 20.35 lbs, 80.63 lbs or something in that pattern.) Post your responses here as comments on this post by 11:59 pm on Friday, July 5 and we'll announce a winner when our final tallies are done.

Two: The person who sends us a Clean Swell app confirmation email with the largest amount of trash collected will be announced and will win a pin.

Three: If competition's not your thing and you just like the zen feeling of cleaning up, we haven't forgotten you! We'll also do a random drawing of all people who used the hashtag #TakeCareCapeCod on July 5 and pick one entrant to award a pin to.

No matter how you do in these little contests, you are each winners in our book! Thank you for getting out there for Take Care Cape Cod Day--and every day. 


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